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Elikzir drinks

The Bel'Uva experience

What's in a name: Bel'Uva?

The core idea and name is clear. Elikzir’s mission is to develop a top range of Belgian alcoholic and non-alcoholic spirits and drinks, based on wine grape varieties in Belgium.

BEL is the Belgian soil and origin where our wine grapes are grown, on the gently rolling hills of marl and loam in the region of GOB Haspengouw.

UVA is the Latin word for ‘grape’, the sole source of wine grapes used for the design of the Bel’Uva drinks.

The handwritten design of the name refers to the authenticity of Bel’Uva, designed by a Belgian artist and cartoonist.

Bel'Uva logo

Bel'Uva label

"The trick was to design a label that exudes tradition, metier and quality. Moreover, the 100% Belgian concept was essential.

The diagonal line can be seen as the 'backbone' of the label. This line provides a certain 'strength', which draws our eye to this bottle. We play with various colours to indicate which grape has been used: white or red. On the background is the hexagonal label with the handwritten "Bel'Uva" in gold print. Year and "Grape Gin" provide us with nothing more than the essential information.

Simplicity and classy were the key words in developing this label, but the originality is in the detail: the logo for Bel'Uva is a bare bunch of grapes... A bit strange at first sight, but actually quite logical when you consider that the grapes have dissappeard in the bottle.

The name of the grape variety is important and is therefore at the head of the label, with just below it a collar in the Belgian tricolour."

Bel'Uva: what's in a name