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Our unique story:
wine grape drinks of Belgian soil

From wine grape to drink, on Belgian soil

Hans Van Daele, a flavour and extraction technologist, partner of Elikzir and winelover, has explored the possible valorisation of grape residues in the Belgian viticulture since 2017.

The Bel'Uva idea comes to life when he meets the passionate winegrower Prof. dr. G. Houben on his domain Hoenshof, in the wine region GOB Haspengouw. A fruitful collaboration leads to the first development of a top Belgian alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink range, with its mature wine grape varieties, originating from the micro climate and Flanders southern hills of marl and loam.

By valorising the grape pomace on the Belgian slopes, we create a sustainable viticulture that minimises the ecological footprint.

We produce the drinks with different techniques. The alcoholic drinks are produced in an artisan pot still "alambic", for the non-alcoholic drinks we apply our own expertise and installation of vacuum distillation, in order to preserve our unique complex grape aromas and flavours from our exquisite range of botanicals.

Join the Bel'Uva Club and enjoy the sensory experience of these unique handcrafted wine grape drinks, rich in delicate aromas from Belgian soil.

The craftship process

Wine grapes

1. Wine grapes

The wine grape pomace (grape peel and flesh) from Belgian soil ensures a very aromatic spirit. This noble secondary co-product gives the guarantee for a substainable viticulture.


2. Fermentation

The natural yeasts from the wine grapes modify the noble juice into a fermented liquid, with delicate and fruity flavours, ready for distillation.


3. Distillation

The typical wine grape aromas are very volatile, the knowledge of the distiller ensures that these components are preserved in a unique delicate fruity spirit base (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

Botanical Secrets

4. Botanical Secrets

Depending on the types of wine grapes, Elikzir mixes different exquisite botanicals into a harmonic and sensoric experience that stirs the taste buds of the consumer


5. Bottling

The Bel'Uva spirits are bottled in wine bottles. The stylistic label, designed by a Belgian artist-illustrator, demonstrates the unique character of the Bel'Uva concept.

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